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Real-Touch Poppy With Artificial PU Leaves

Real-Touch Poppy With Artificial PU Leaves

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Our real-touch poppy flowers are constructed with PU Rubber for a natural appearance and texture. The stem is equipped with an internal wire and encased in PU plastic, while the green leaves are crafted from PU rubber of a thinner variety. Easily customize the length of stems and bend them to fit your desired decorations.


  • Easy to Maintain
  • Simple Uncluttered Beauty
  • Forever Flowering


  • Flower Type: Poppy
  • Flower Material: PU Rubber
  • Number of Flower Heads: 1 bud & 1 Bloom
  • Number of Stems: 1
  • Total Height of Stem: 62cm or 24"
  • Color: Orange, Yellow, White, Pink, Red, Purple +3
  • Priced Quantity: 1 stem

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Care Instructions

Protect Yourself and Stay Safe: Cut Artificial Flowers Safely with Eye Protection and Gloves.


1. Try dusting with a feather duster or wipe with a damp cloth!


2. Revitalize your artificial flowers by gently blowing away dust with a hair dryer set at a cool temperature.


3. Give them a little spritz of compressed aerosol air with short, snappy bursts.


4. Clean artificial flowers by placing them under a pipe with cold water at medium pressure on shower mode.



1. Avoid using an industrial heat gun on your artificial flowers, as it can cause them to melt.


2. Ensure your artificial flowers are always kept at a safe distance from any open flames, such as candles and lamps with hot incandescent or halogen bulbs.


3. Avoid leaving artificial flowers in direct sunlight for more than 3 days. The colored ones will lose their vibrancy, while the white ones will acquire a yellow hue. Additionally, the adhesive that holds the petals together may soften.

Dust Off Floral Cleaner

Color Disclaimer

Actual colors may vary.

We do our best to ensure our photos are as true to color as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see portrays the product's actual color due to photographic lighting sources and inconsistencies in various monitor settings. Furthermore, every individual may see these colors differently.

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