About Us

Red and Pink Rose Bouquet

Kai-(my grandson) & Jae (my initials)


A few years back, we launched our online store, specializing in artificial flowers. With over two decades of experience in interior design, our store draws inspiration from nature, and we love to infuse an element of surprise and fun into our designs by using everlasting flowers. Our interior decorating projects are unique, and we love integrating natural elements. For instance, we once found driftwood on a nearby beach and used it as a pedestal for a stone sink carved from rocks on our decorating property. We also enjoy combining dried or faux flowers with natural plants to create stunning arrangements for every space we decorate.

Our love for home decoration and accessories led to the establishment of Kaijae Designs Inc. in 2020. We are a small online store in Florida specializing in faux florals. We chose this niche because artificial flowers are often ignored and undervalued as home accessories. However, decorators must realize that these blooms are now made of upgraded materials, have excellent quality, and look and feel natural. They are long-lasting and undoubtedly beautiful, perfect for decorating homes and gathering spaces for years to come.

Kaijae Designs specializes in faux florals made from silk, latex, 3D printed, silicone, and PU coating. We prioritize sustainability and ensure that most materials are reusable and recyclable. Our online floral boutique caters to various interior styles and tastes, attracting savvy shoppers. Our collection of natural-flower replicas is ever-changing and evolving, showcasing florals and accessories worldwide. Please browse our selection to discover beautiful, sustainable florals that complement any interior.