About Us

Kai-(my only grandson) & Jae (my initials)


Our online faux floral boutique started approximately two years ago after prior formal interior design training then practice that lasted about two decades. Our decorating style was often centered around bringing the outdoors inside with whimsy and unpredictability.
My projects were unique because the basin's pedestal for a powder room was probably made of driftwood from a local beach along the coast, and the carved washbasin was a rock from the property. In addition, a juxtaposed faux or a dried floral arrangement with the natural plants always created drama in each décor.

The spinoff of years of home decorating and accessorizing became Kaijae Designs Inc. in 2020. We are a small family-owned artificial floral boutique based in Florida
We decided to choose the faux floral niche because, as a home accessory, they are intriguing but seem disrespected. Faux florals carry a stigma that needs help to build awareness of the upgraded materials and quality that currently go into making artificial flowers. They now look and feel natural and are undoubtedly beautiful and long-lasting. This upgrade will make them prominent in homes and spaces for gathering for the foreseeable future.

As faux florals are our focus, Kaijae Designs offers silk, latex, 3D printed, silicone, and PU-Coated blooms. In most cases, the materials used in manufacturing our florals are sustainable, reusable, recyclable, and beautiful.
Our online floral boutique attracts savvy shoppers of all interior styles and tastes. Browsing our impressive natural-flower replicas, you will discover an ever-changing and evolving selection of florals and accessories from far and wide.